Live video and chat built into your apps.

Host realtime interactive chats on your website and mobile apps:

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Bring live engagement to your platforms.

Own your audience social engagement and analytics. HotSwitch is an end-to-end social layer for your fans to join others in live watch parties right from your apps and websites.

The HotSwitch API aggregates viewership, sentiment, and engagement data into meaningful and trackable metrics. As a content provider, instantly connect with the most engaged fan communities and understand your audience minute-by-minute as they watch.

A chat experience built for all types of live events.

Live TV Broadcasts

Realtime engagement for network programming and aired entertainment.


Timestamped audience engagement synchronized to content delivered over-the-top.

Apple TV and Roku

Easy to implement integration for existing smart TV apps, including Apple TV and Roku.

Web Streams

Live chat layer for websites, whether hardcoded or built on templates like WordPress.

Mobile Native Content

Integrated within your existing mobile apps. Fully customized to your brand look and feel.


Audience engagement for live fantasy sports, including polling and scoreboards.

Q&As and Webinars

Informative online sessions and workshops with audience interaction and polling.

Training and Education

Virtual teaching via live workshop sessions. Track realtime student performance.

Engage with your viewers.

Keep track of realtime viewership, engagement, and sentiment for all of your content.

Own your social TV metrics.

Track minute by minute live viewership metrics, social engagement, and polling results, all on your own platforms. Schedule targeted content by demographic segments including region, gender, interests, and more.

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Bring your story to life with AI.

Build automated bots from your characters and contextual storyline metadata. HotSwitch will bring those personas to life and add a new layer of engagement to your storytelling via Social AI. Create new, innovative viewing experiences for your audiences.

Build Your Engagement Empire:

From realtime analytics to custom apps, build a world of live interaction within your platforms.

Fan Group

$ 0 / month
  • HotSwitch-Branded iPhone/iPad Live Chats
  • HotSwitch-Branded Android Live Chats
  • Unbranded Web Chat Plugin
  • HotSwitch.TV Fan Page
  • Unlimited Real-Time Push Notifications
  • In-App Polling
  • 2 Simultaneous Global Chat Rooms


Starting at $99 / month
  • Custom iOS and Android Apps in App Stores *
  • Custom-Branded Web Chat Plugin
  • Realtime Live Chat Analytics Portal
  • Image and Rich Media Posting
  • Create/Schedule Sponsored Posts
  • 5 Simultaneous Global Chat Rooms


Talk to Us! / Build Your Plan
  • Custom Apple TV App in App Store *
  • Hosted Live Video Streaming *
  • Realtime Video Analytics
  • Chat Bot (AI) Creation *
  • HotSwitch Firehose API
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Global Chat Rooms

* One-Time Setup Fee May Apply

Grab Control of Social.

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