No more looking for the next show to watch. We’ve done the looking for you. Shows are ranked for you based on popularity, newest, and the amount of your friends currently watching.


Watch parties are the most exciting part of our app, the popcorn and butter if you will. Jump into one to chat with friends who are currently watching the same season and episode you’re on.


Are you the vanguard TV connoisseur of your group? Use our app to get your friends hooked on the latest shows. Invite them to your own watch parties, and let the show play on!

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Television today remains a one-way conversation. We can’t easily interact with the characters and stories we love most, or the friends who watch them. We’re forced to find new shows by word of mouth because recommendation engines don’t point us to the shows our friends are hooked on.

Just like Twitch for did for 32 million hardcore gamers, we aim to connect a community of 40 million TV junkies. You can use our app to find shows ranked and recommended by your social circles, and create or join watch parties.

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We envision a world in which TV characters and stories are as real to us as the friendships and events we experience daily. This is a world in which fan communities can easily interact and create their own content. We’re fired up about TV, and our hearts are in bringing the show to life.

Today, we have a mobile app where you can find the best shows to watch, ranked specifically for you, and where you can host a watch party for all your friends to watch together. But don’t think that’s where we’ll stop. One thing is certain: we’ll forever be working on new ways to bring the show to life.

Andres Aranguibel

Andres Aranguibel

CEO, Co-founder

Ex-Googler and UX/UI designer with a semi-obsessive attraction to branding, moonshot projects, and Sense8. Semi.

Ravel Antunes

Ravel Antunes

CTO, Co-founder

Former Disney Engineer with an awkward love for all things tech. Known for having watched the entire first season of Narcos in one day.

Leonardo Aranguibel

Leonardo Aranguibel

Partnerships, Co-Founder

Production Director having worked for Disney, HBO, and a four-time juror of the International Emmy Awards. Avid Doctor Who fan.

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